A. Course Outlines:

Course Outline_B10_ 2018_19

Course Outline_A10_ 2018_19

Course Outline_A30_ 2018_19

Course Outline_B30_ 2018_19

B. Writing Notebook: The purpose of a Writing Notebook is to maintain and develop the skill of writing in a world where most people rely heavily on technology. Encouraging students to write more is a task teachers face each day. Using the writing notebook in the classroom gives students a place to write without risk, a place where they can express their ideas, a place where they experiment with genre, and a place where  they can be creative and share their writing with others:  Writing Notebook

C. Reading Log-2019

D. Portfolio Reflection-Final 2019

Portfolio Reflection-Final 2018

E. ELA A30-The poem “The Lonely Land” by A.J. M. Smith corresponds with the Group of Seven paintings.

Poem-The Lonely Land-Blog

F. iLit Resources:

1. ELA A30- “Allan Sapp, Keeper of Stories” by Robin Dyck.

Inspired by the Land, video in the Allen Sapp Gallery:

Viewing Activity_Inspiredbyland_2017

Canadian Landscapes_Allen Sapp_iLit_2016

2. ELA A30- “Three Young Guns” by Gord Ellis: The students liked the interview format and related to the youth he interviewed.

Three Young Guns_iLit_citations_2019

G. Comprehension and Collaboration by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels

Literature Circle Inquiries in the form of a Book Club:  Students choose a novel that they would like to read and form a Book Club with other students that chose the same book as them. They have five Book Club meetings in total:

Book club- Literature Inquiry

H. Choose the link below for some alternative ideas to the standard book reports:

Alternative to Book Reports

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