Comprehend and Respond

Comprehend and Respond Achievement Rubric

Choose the following link for an Achievement Rubric that may be used for CR A/B 30.1, CR A/B 30.2, CR A/B 30.3, and CR A/B 30.4:

  • The criteria and details for this rubric are taken from Saskatchewan Curriculum with a few details of my own.
  • ‘little evidence, partial evidence, sufficient evidence, and extensive evidence’ is the same word choice used in all of the Prince Albert Catholic Schools Division’s Rubrics. Students are familiar with this language having seen it since Pre-K. For this reason, I thought using what students are familiar with would make the rubric easier for them to understand.

Comprehend and Respond Rubric__Achievement

A. ELA A30 Introduction to the Course

Respond to the following:

  1. “This is My Canada” youtube video

What do you think of the video? Why?

Consider the following when discussing the video:

Did the video accurately portray Canada?

Are there any places that are missed?

What would add to the video? Remove?

2. “147 reasons to love Canada”- this article  was published in The Globe and Mail in June 2014. I had my students write a response in their Writing Notebooks. One of my students wrote, “My favorite Canadian landscape is the farmland …I find the thick fields of bright, yellow canola or golden wheat so beautiful.”

3. 12 Words you Should Learn to Speak Like a Canadian- WestJet Magazine:

What is Missing? What would you add? Turn and Talk with the person beside you.

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