Teenagers Want to Read-If We Let Them

“We need to balance pleasure with challenge, increasing volume for all readers and setting up an environment in our classroom that manages kids as they choose books, set goals, and develop a reading habit. We have to consider how to teach reading skills through the deep analysis of texts, both short and long, and learn to confer with and assess readers in ways that will lead them to more complex texts. Last, we have to have the courage to lead in classrooms, in our schools, and in our communities as we commit to develop readers, writers and thinkers…” p. 8 Book Love by Penny Kittle

Book Love by Penny Kittle is available to sign out at CRC.

Please choose the link below for the Saskatchewan Curriculum ELA 9, 10, 20 and 30 Resource lists:

Saskatchewan Curriculum

Grade 9 ELA Resource List

 ELA A10 Resource List

ELA B10 Resource List

ELA 20 Resource List

ELA 30 Resource List

Choose the link below for Penny Kittle’s suggested reading list:

Reading Lists

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