4 Tips To Engage Reluctant Readers

Knowing how to get the right book in the hands of a reluctant reader is the key to helping children tap into all reading has to offer.

Image-ELA Blog

1. Looking Beyond Levels: 

It is extremely important that the books reluctant readers pick up interest them. They must be taught how to find books related to their interests or that feature characters they can relate to.

2. Go Beyond Traditional Books:

Let them peruse a graphic novel, listen to an audio book, check out an animated version of a book online or read a non-fiction book with a lot of pictures.

3. Connecting it to the Curriculum:

If you are studying butterflies, read a book that involves butterflies and incorporate it into you lessons. This may encourage your students to read more.

4. Talk about Reading:

Let your students know that even you struggle with reading sometimes and share what you do when you encounter a book you don’t like or talk about your process for finding a book you do like.


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